The Sandwich Maker ..

We ventured out to the Sandwich Maker. I ordered the beef Pho and the Vietnamese shredded chicken sandwich. Yes it was just for me, and yes I ate everything! .......Read MoreBlog/Entries/2012/3/5_Pho.html
I could not Pho-kin' believe that I had found yummy Pho located practically on my front doorstep. My only gripe is that they are not open for dinner or on weekends. ......Read MoreBlog/Entries/2012/1/26_go_out_of_my_way.htmlBlog/Entries/2012/1/26_go_out_of_my_way.htmlBlog/Entries/2012/1/26_go_out_of_my_way.htmlBlog/Entries/2012/1/26_go_out_of_my_way.htmlBlog/Entries/2012/1/26_go_out_of_my_way.htmlBlog/Entries/2012/1/26_go_out_of_my_way.htmlBlog/Entries/2012/1/26_go_out_of_my_way.htmlshapeimage_11_link_0shapeimage_11_link_1shapeimage_11_link_2shapeimage_11_link_3shapeimage_11_link_4shapeimage_11_link_5

This place is really close to my work so I come here often. Out of the 20+ times I came here, I have never ordered a sandwich. That speaks to how great the pho here is..............Read More

When I came here the first time, I saw that they had pho on the specials menu.

I made a quick stop to the Sandwich Maker (had 30 minutes for lunch) and was

For a place called Sandwich Maker, I wasn't expecting pho but I decided to try it. I have not ordered anything else since. It's pretty good and costs $7.37 (as of this review). The place is cash only so I make sure I always have exact change. I'm not sure about how the sandwiches are but this place is great for pho...............Read More

glad to find a new treat.  Besides the excellent dry vermicilli noodles (this time with delicious grilled chicken and beef), they had large, fresh spring rolls ($4).  Having just gone to the California Academy of Sciences, I was thankful to see the item in Los Gatos and for a much more reasonable price ($8 up there). .Read More

As I waited for my lunch order, I was again thankful for this place.  Delicious ethnic cuisine and close to boot!  All the other customers (Caucasian) were

ordering traditional American sandwiches (the Reuben, tuna salad, grilled chicken), but I was glad to order their daily special ethnic items.

As long as the Sandwich Maker serves their great Vietnamese cuisine on the side, I will be happy to be a one-man support/eating machine.  .......Read More