I made a quick stop to the Sandwich Maker (had 30 minutes for lunch) and was glad to find a new treat.  Besides the excellent dry vermicilli noodles (this time with delicious grilled chicken and beef), they had large, fresh spring rolls ($4).  Having just gone to the California Academy of Sciences, I was thankful to see the item in Los Gatos and for a much more reasonable price ($8 up there).  

As I waited for my lunch order, I was again thankful for this place.  Delicious ethnic cuisine and close to boot!  All the other customers (Caucasian) were ordering traditional American sandwiches (the Reuben, tuna salad, grilled chicken), but I was glad to order their daily special ethnic items.

As long as the Sandwich Maker serves their great Vietnamese cuisine on the side, I will be happy to be a one-man support/eating machine.  Bring it!  The commercial business district of Los Gatos and Campbell needs you and I'll be glad to vote often with my belly.  :)

The Sandwich Maker is cash only.







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Made a quick stop to the sandwich Maker....

vietnamese run sandwich shops get good bread, and the sandwiches here were very nice -- brought to the office (pastrami, turkey/bacon)
also took some beef pho, but the broth was too tangy -- not sure taking to go works.
yes, it's better when you eat it there.  avoid the styrofoam to go, which affects the flavor.

I never knew this little hidden gem existed!  It's a hole-in-the-wall sandwich place that also serves PHO!!!   It was all yummy... we had two order of pho and split and egg salad sandwich, with two drinks our meal was $20. Not bad - especially for Los Gatos! I'll definitely be back...  oh, and it's right next to a fire house, so you get your occasional firemen:)