go out of my way to come to Sandwich Maker-That's because the small shop is in a one story office complex. Open till 3 pm!  Parking is easy and service fast and friendly. I sometimes call in my order and it's packaged ready to go including the awesome pho. Sandwiches on fresh crispy crust bread similar to Vietnamese sandwiches. Good ingredients and sandwiches are full of flavor. Try the California! Turkey bacon avocado! Cold case with canned soda and prepackaged salads. Lunch specials are about $5 -great deal. Cash only.

Maybe I shouldn't tell ya exactly where it's located but... South east corner of Lark Av and Winchester Blvd between University Av and the " Goodwill" trailer. Followvda signs brah.

I have often, in the last 6 years I have lived in Los Gatos, been hit with a wicked craving for Pho. I tried the Green Papaya's and it failed to fulfill my tried and most of

the time I just don't feel like traveling beyond town limits for food. So I would sit, unfulfilled, and quite frustrated with the fact that there isn't a good noodle house in LG.

Well today, I just couldn't take it! I turned to Yelp to help select a place that was highly rated and closer than my favorite Pho joints in ...................Read More

As I waited for my lunch order, I was again thankful for this place.  Delicious ethnic cuisine and close to boot!  All the other customers (Caucasian) were

ordering traditional American sandwiches (the Reuben, tuna salad, grilled chicken), but I was glad to order their daily special ethnic items.

As long as the Sandwich Maker serves their great Vietnamese cuisine on the side, I will be happy to be a one-man support/eating machine.  .......Read More

The Sandwich Maker